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Just because I've noticed that far right people are relunctant to use softwares made by leftist, just for your information, I am leftist

Peace <3

(And vote for me)
You know I'm pretty sure we all don't think 100% the same. If we all just focus on what we differ on, then no one would use anyone's software. I wouldn't classify myself as a leftist, and I use your software. No problems!

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Nudists/Naturists know wearing clothes is a matter of personal choice and comfort. However, society forces people to wear clothing based on assumptions from previous centuries. I believe that it's about time that society gives people the legal right to choose to wear clothing or not. #NudeIsNotLewd #normalizenudism #bodyfreedom

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capitalism encourages and allows space for sexually charged and aggressive exhibitionism and/or voyeurism - albeit often a criminalized space - while, at the same time, suppressing non-sexual nudism in public so as to create an enormous scarcity of non-sexualized nudity-optional space

such nudity-optional spaces as exist are typically secluded, expensive to maintain (thus, usually only accessible to people with middle-class jobs), culturally homogenous, and totally boring

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it really is wild how people think they are just entitled to run a business. if you cant afford the costs of labor your business has objectively failed
going to yell this at business owners

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Content warning: uspol

It feels like the internet is a lot healthier when you pause before sharing or reacting to anything, I mean literally never doing instant shares or instant likes or instant comments.

Even a few minutes thinking time can help you avoid falling into the 😡 trap, not just about politics but things in general.

It would be interesting if there was a fork of Mastodon where you literally couldn't interact with a post for a few minutes after you've first seen it.
It's like instant reactions on social media bypass our intellectual capacity, channel some kind of primitive violent rage from before we evolved proper brains.
when combined with sentiment analysis, you could probably compare two groups--one with a forced delay and one without--and see if the community becomes "healthier".

It would be interesting if toxicity/health of a community was optimized by social media companies as much as they optimize for engagement.
They would make no money from health so a for-profit organisation would never do this. It would have to be some kind of outside monitoring and regulation.

Also a lot of users (most users?) wouldn't want a delay like this, so there's danger of self-selection (people who want delay being more thoughtful anyway?).

Perhaps a basic problem of the internet that it allows instant information retrieval and transmission, depriving us of the healthy thinking time from older media :(

Getting back into things

Getting ready for some more #nude Zoom meetings
Nude selfie on my bed looking at my laptop.
It's the YBN sessions for under 35s only.

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We need a but for computer security. Including a "utility program that SwiftOnSecurity and I made".

At the end of the day I'm anticapitalist because capitalism is literally killing people I care about.

New phone

My new Pixel 4a 5G arrived, so of course I had to test the camera with a #nude
Nude selfie on my bed

Having to move all the furniture out before a new carpet get delivered is annoying

Not from my most recent visit, but it was good to get up here while we could before Lockdown 2.
View from Rivington Pike towards the Lower Rivington Reservoir

A reminder that I am in fact a unicorn

Selfie with a cream horn balanced on my head

Fun times

Always exciting when you break a server and can't even get the backups to restore right.