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Good to get a few moments outside, even if it's still too cold and wet to stay any longer
#nude #naturist #garden
A photo of me standing nude in the back garden, the garage is visible in the background

This is why reactionary de-federation is dangerous. Perhaps a temporary block at the height of the attack may be necessary, but how many are going to fire and forget when it dies down?

The war is also online, so trolling and using an Ukranian instance is a "good" way for Russian trolls to fight too.

If you want, you can help them by reporting the rogue accounts and help them to remove the illegal/troll content/accounts.
(The reports can/must be followed to the original instance)

Got some more #LEGO for Christmas that I've finally been able to build. The #007 #AstonMartin #DB5 this time.
A completed LEGO "007 Aston Martin DB5" set, displaying the original BMT 216A number plate. The alternative plates 4711-EA-62, LU·6789, BMT 214A, and A 4269 00 are laid out to the side

Hey there

My Name is Aaron. I am new here. My partner set this up for me. I don't know what I am doing at all. Help is appreciated. I like nsfw things but I am mostly just boring.

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Great to have my long-distance kinky partner @Quiet Brushy back here again.
Glad you like me here but in have no idea what I am doing.

A win for #transRights in #Scotland.

Just got back from the staff & volunteer Christmas party at the community centre, might have overdone a bit on the buffet. Did at least a prize from the quiz.

So glad the rail strikes haven't clashed with the youth day at the #naturist #spa this time, with how stressful things have been lately I need it.


Completed the 2nd #LEGO set I got for my #Birthday, a #StarWars one this time.
A completed LEGO Star Wars "Death Star Trench Run" set. The main features are Luke's X-Wing being chased by Darth Vader's TIE Advance and 2 other TIE Fighters. Various other details are present on the floor and back wall, including a large turret..

Completed the first of the #LEGO sets I got for my #birthday
A completed LEGO "Birds of Paradise" set. It consists of a black pot with brown stud soil, out of which rise stems ending in a number of large leaves and 3 smaller one with orange birds on them

Late visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

With only this and next weekend left of the operating season the preparation for winter is well under way, with rides closing or running at reduced capacity.
A fenced off section of car park containing parts of rollercoaster trains being stored, some of which are covered in protective sheets. The exposed ones can be identified as belonging to Nickelodeon Streak and the Big One. A block of wood painted orange on three sides with a tag reading "Nickelodeon Streak Wood: This is a genuine piece of wood from the Nickelodeon Streak located in Nickelodeon Land. It was built in 1933 and was known at the Roller Coaster until 2010."
A view of the station of the Big One looking down through the running track to the maintenance bay. Only the rear half of the train down there is present.


The Trafford Centre

It always strikes me just how gaudy this place is, at least the current event changes things up a bit.
Photo taken from the upper level of the Trafford Centre showing banners for the Pokémon: Art Through the Ages Event
The Dolphin Fountain at the Trafford Centre, currently decorated for the Pokémon: Art Through the Ages event.

End of sunny spell

Getting back in to relax after being out in the warm weather we've been having.
Me laying on my side on my bed, with my eyes closed

It's that time of year again, start streaming on loop.
#satire #CassetteBoy #TheKunts

Great to see more great creators like @Cleo of Topless Topics making the jump over to #peertube

We all know how bad the "mainstream" networks are, especially for arbitrary censorship. @Cleo of Topless Topics is a prime example of that.

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it's true! I can't even update my screenshots of getting banned fast enough at !

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Might even be time to make a bot to do that for you

And so @Cleo of Topless Topics continues on her quest to avoid the censorship of the video hosts along with targeted attacks.

The cost of video hosting can be a real burden.

Sorry if this is getting a bit spammy, but it's a shame that ideas like this are even necessary.

Worth a watch and great to get the word out more.

Hoping lockdown only lasts a few more months. Want to get back back to meeting other #Naturists and spending more time #nude in the great outdoors, rather than being stuck in like time

It's the YBN sessions for under 35s only.

At the end of the day I'm anticapitalist because capitalism is literally killing people I care about.

New phone

My new Pixel 4a 5G arrived, so of course I had to test the camera with a #nude

Having to move all the furniture out before a new carpet get delivered is annoying

Not from my most recent visit, but it was good to get up here while we could before Lockdown 2.

A reminder that I am in fact a unicorn

Fun times

Always exciting when you break a server and can't even get the backups to restore right.