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1 fav = 10 minutes of clamping my nipples and edging

pls destroy my nippies 🥺

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... may have made an error in judgment here

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I'm not seeing any problems
how about adding repeats and replies to that~
djjfjf what should the weight on either of those be in your professional opinion
I would suggest having twists instead of time for at least one of them
Lets say for every (non-duplicate) reply twist the clamps 90° and hold for one minute, alternating direction for each one.
could do

probably gonna keep it at faves and boosts tho
idk 15 minutes for repeats maybe~?
mhm that's good yeah I'm gonna die lol
what's preventing me from sending like 10 duplicate replies
I suppose a council of Dom could judge which ones are valid
yeah that's why I wanna curb the least
implementing a server that just spams faves from fake actors
kdfkjfjfjd meanie I love you
just have the post federate to fse lol
oh god
nvm it already did but it's not in public timelines :shrug_akko:
yes I normally post on unlisted so I don't spam lewd stuff onto other people's federated timelines
oh my gosh it's up to 13 help
By help you mean share it around some more, right
oh and boosts are 15 minutes ><

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ok gimme a few hours, ill fire up my bot farm when i get home
@headempty I'll make you pay xlfmgngk
bet 😛
that's me! 😀
tbh i should've told you to pump your nipples before this to make them more sensitive

oh well, how about you do that afterwards instead and then try to cum by playing with them~
wait with like... a nipple suction thing? 👀

if you don't have those, shot glasses rinsed with hot water will do just fine~
ooooh wait thats smart... so that'll create like a pressure difference??
Yes, same principle as fire cupping
I hate you all ❤