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nudity is not inherently sexual and never should be. it’s so silly that it became that way.
yeps.. we went to Sauna regularly when I was a kid. obviously there are awful individuals sometimes, but generally these spaces have a strict no-sex policy.
So glad I can make it over to one next weekend, had to miss the last time due to the train strikes.
I finally got to experience my first nude beach this summer, it was wonderful. For an entire afternoon, I felt really carefree, it was liberating feeling. Feeling free and being around others that way who were also nude. Heck, you actually *forget that you are naked* after an hour or so.
it's been a long while since I've been to one of the nude beaches around here, but I've been wanting to do it again sometime
Sounds lovely. Now I'm waiting for the spring here when it'll be warm enough to get back to the beaches. Until then, indoor nudity is the only option.
@dinenaked yeeeeeah winter is heckin lame for that. Hoping I go to that beach more next year 💚
a mutual nude friend will be here today for Thanksgiving, and I made sure in advance that they could be themselves without issue
This is why I have a policy of blocking anyone who insists it is