I’m scared to ask but what is blaiseball
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It's this comedy baseball-season-simulator with surreal elements and for-fun betting on games. I'm not sure why it's become Mastodon's Thing for the month, but it seems harmless enough.

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Please go follow my profile at @t3dus

A Wood Gas Powered Lawn Mower

When mowing the lawn, you generally have a choice of pushing power, electric or gasoline. Thanks to the nutty inventor [Colin Furze], you can now add wood gas to the list, as long as you don’t mind some inconvenience. He bu…

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What does he see with his little cat eyes?
Wallace the cat looking at the camera
Wallace the cat looking out the window

Okay, so I am too happy about that Facebook coming out message not to share it x3 it'lm be sent in the following toots:

Content warning: Coming out message 5/5-6?

Content warning: Coming out message 6/5-6?

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Content warning: Coming out message 6/5-6?

Content warning: Coming out message 6/5-6?

Content warning: Coming out message 7/5-6??

Content warning: Coming out message 8/5-6??

Content warning: Coming out message 9/5-6??

Content warning: Coming out message 10/?

Content warning: Coming out message 11/?

Content warning: Coming out message 12/?

Content warning: Coming out message 12/?

Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

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Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

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Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

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Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

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Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

Content warning: Coming out message folmow up

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Content warning: Coming out message 12/?

Pink wii nunchuck wrist strap on Long Phone was a good decision
Sony Xperia 10 on a metal table, with a wide and long pink wrist strap dangling over the edge
Looking down at phone

Oh jeez, I wanted to write and kinda simple facebook coming out post, announcing my name, globally why I'm transitioning and thanking everyone that has helped me so far

Y'all I am creating the cheesiest fucking post I will literally *cry* if it doesn't shed a tear or two from people x)

(ngl I'm also very proud of it I'll refine it and send it here once it's posted :3)

Goooooooood day everyone!! I hope your day has been, is, and will be marvelous!

With all of this negativity, it is important to remember that strength doesnlt come only from sheer strength and impassivity (looking at you amab endoctrination) but from showing vulnerability and supporting one another :3 let us remember that compassion is our greatest superpower :blobfoxuwu:

Also, small reminder that, as is said in most dictionaries, milkshaking is the best way to be compassionate to fascists ❤️

Content warning: programming languages, academia

Content warning: programming languages, academia

kOcto mastodon (AP)

Content warning: programming languages, academia

"I swear, it's better than sex to be right" - my favourite coworker, just now.

I'm sorry, but the best part of the semester ending will be deleting GeoGebra from my laptop.

yeah sex is good but have you ever cooked for your partner

β˜…Mimiβ˜… mastodon (AP)
I don’t understand why American schools make students switch classrooms and thus crowding the hallways. In Japan, the teachers switch between classrooms instead. The American system is probably some legacy from factory bullshit I guess.
In my engineering school we had exactly that: a room for us, and teachers came

it also meant we had our safe there, as well as our own coffee machine and we spent the noon pauses there and it was very nice and helpful for integration between classmates

Can we just get rid of money

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Back up your computer! Use my @[email protected] referral link and we both get a free month of unlimited backup! #

Content warning: left of fashpol -

a clumsy dom is a qwop top

Rino mastodon (AP)

Content warning: selfie, nude peen

Rino mastodon (AP)

Content warning: selfie, nude peen

Content warning: selfie, nude peen

Mark friendica
a clumsy dom is a qwop top

"Tik Tok Teens" really does sound like a street gang straight out of Clockwork Orange, doesn't it?

My daughter's friend came out as trans-masc. She bought a potted plant and painted the pot with hearts in the trans-pride flag colors. She's going to give it to him and call it a "heart trans plant."
I get a little emotional thinking about what a lovely person she's become.

Content warning: mh ++, positive trans story

Unfortunately Sea of Thieves has also introduced me to the Hurdy Gurdy

an instrument that reminds me of both the bagpipes and the violin at the same time

it is the best instrument ever and I so desperately want to learn to play one 😭

Today's the one year anniversary of the mass shooting which took place in my city by a white terrorist that targeted Mexicans residents that were just out shopping.

There are still people that believe Mexicans don't belong here, but most of us are also indigenous to this land and our reality is violence for having the audacity to exist in peace.

White people live on stolen land and continue to enforce their claim by regularly spilling our blood, and supporting policies that continue to kill us just much more slowly. Genocide is still real and ongoing.

Following strangers on twitter is still weird o.o

So I just had a dream about a tiny mystical people, a language that is written but not spoken (seemingly), a fake culture in game/"geek" stores and a secret culture based on those perpetrating that fake culture

Also a train station that goes to Belgium but isn't reliable?
I always like to write down more more memorable or unusual dreams. Dreams can be so strange sometimes!
I know! And I get deja-vus from dreams randomly (usually not from the more memorable ones tho), which compelled me to note them down in the first place.

I'm awake. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a great day yesterday! :ablobcatheart:
not much. Video games, Starbucks for my free birthday coffee thing, made pizza, and snuggled Owa. ^w^
Awww, that sounds like a great day indeed uwu

People play at caring about Blk folks bc Blk bodies as a site of violence is what they expect. These bodies aren't tangible & yet disposable.

Its why they can circumvent criticisms of antiblackness bc they don't value us as real people.

And they can do this and get away w it bc they've weaponized race against our criticisms and from any honest questions regarding accountability from anyone else

Send toot on public so you know it's real.

good time to remember that electronic information is fleeting and entire communities of knowledge can be erased at the drop of a hat

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if you invite me over for tacos and serve me some hard shell tacos I am going to ask if you even know what a taco is

I am excited to share with you a confounding and captivating collection of arcane curiousities to add a spark of the strange and silly to your # of choice.

📚 🐉 ✨ 🧙‍♀️

Corva's Curious Compendium: systemless spells, items and oddities for your home game.
Ah, good! I shall keep making them, then. 😀

riley pleroma (AP)
I Wanna Be A Cute Forest Elf Enby
riley pleroma (AP)
just kinda, hang out on a branch n shit

every # talk I'm just so amazed by how sweet, smart, and curious about everything y'all are

what a great community

yesterday i went to the convenience store a🐦 oh jees. looks like we go🐦 Ho shit we got some birds in here. who let the🐦 se birds get i🐦 n here. Jesus it'🐦 s a lo🐦 t of them too🐦

I know we all kinda joked it off when Biden suggested it, but it's kinda wild to me how many people seem to genuinely believe the issue isn't the cops shooting people, but where on a person's body the cops are shooting at, that if they just aim a little lower than the head or slightly left or right of the heart instead of dead on then that'd be fine, as if them cops causing serious and likely life long lasting, and potentially disabling, bodily harm, paired with soul crushing medical debt because this is America, for stealing a pack of gum is a reasonable system to live under??

Police violence isn't necessary or acceptable, in any form. State violence isn't necessary. There is zero scenario in which violence against civilians is a reasonable course of action for the state. Yes even in that case. Yes, that absurd scenario too. Yep, state violence wouldn't solve that issue either.

Abolish all cops, everywhere, at all levels.

Today I launch # # on my site! This is a reading group/book club & our first season is Black/Indigenous philosophy!

This includes members only access to my site/forums/reading materials. I'm also doing virtual class like events so we can have chats abt the texts & themes.

I've put a lot of work into the syllabus & the site & I think the fee reflects what's offered. I've been a visiting lecturer before but this is my very own program!

Check the form:

Back at the beginning of high school during the holidays we had an essay to write on I don't recall what subject and back then our teacher said it could take the form we wanted

so we asked if we could make a song

and he said yes

and we got too lazy and wrote an essay u.u
(also before you ask: yes I tried, yes it was bad

and god fucking YES the horror I created back then still haunts me)
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