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๐Ÿ’š 1 year using Matrix

In the FSFE we started using Matrix last year. Since then we enjoy interactive chats in a privacy-friendly way. Join our main community room

Fun fact: The state of France also uses Matrix. @matrix
A computer screen with Matrix on it and FSFE posters in the background.

#Fedilab 3.16.4 has been published in beta.


- Cache home timeline in background (default disabled -> New settings category and it is per account) / you can change the frequency (default every hour)

- Auto-fetch missing messages for the Home (default disabled -> in Settings > Timelines)

- Automatically switch between tabs when searching

- Some crashes

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It seems the cache failed to be updated. Or maybe it was a boost from a boost?
It was not a boost. I have tested it now: I like a message and the star is yellow. I exit Fedilab and when I come back after a while to the timeline, the star is gone, until I open the message. I see the yellow star. If I then go back to timeline the star stays yellow... only until next time.
I have tried with enabled and disabled "clear cache when leaving", it made no difference.

Not a big problem for me personally, but perhaps not the way you want it to work. ๐Ÿ˜Š

TL/dr verion of the review from @gwensnyder:

"Post is pretty, and also pretty boring. Mastodon is promising and free from corporate rule, but also a bit unwieldy. Both need some serious culture fixes to appeal to marginalized communities. But at the end of the day, #Mastodon is the platform with real transformative potential. While Post will be another corporate platform run on the whims of yet another rich white guy, Mastodon is a network made by and for users...."
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@DanielEsq the wave in April last year, after Musk announced his intent to buy :birdsite: , was way way smaller, but served the same purpose. That wave made fedi ready for the November wave. The November wave will make fedi ready for whatever comes next.

People set up accounts and forget about them โ€” until there's another wave. If you look at the data, a *lot* of additional activity in November came from accounts that were created in April and "abandoned".

@jims @tchambers @gwensnyder
@DanielEsq there is a crucial difference between fedi and centralized, for-profit walled gardens: we're playing the long game.

Fedi is not worried about quarterly earnings reports, about attracting VC funding, and so on. So it moves more slowly, doesn't put $millions into marketing, doesn't work the hype.

But that means the hype, when it happens, is genuine. And that there is no VC money to run out and no anti-user features coming because VCs demand them.

@jims @tchambers @gwensnyder
@rysiek this post does make me miss one feature of Twitter I wish was easier to do here--that of finding pre-uploaded reaction GIFs to use, so I could reply to this with a "boom! mic drop" ๐Ÿ˜†
@toplesstopics @rysiek Presumably thatโ€™s not hard for any of the clients to add. Which one do you use?
@mkb @rysiek currently, fedilab on my android, and just the standard mastodon desktop page on my pc. I tried a few windows apps and had major problems with them all (mostly making it confusing to figure out which account I was logged into/posting through). I'm not very techy, I can look up a tutorial if I have to, but despite almost two years of using masto, I still find parts of it very confusing.

Mainly there are just conveniences of mainstream platforms I like...the whole "Build your own mastodon experience" thing is a double edged sword. It's like making a character in a tabletop game...yeah you COULD, if you have a deep knowledge of the ruleset, make yourself an untouchable min/maxer multi-class. But most of us don't want to study a TTRPG rulebook as if it's a college course, and just want to go with a premade character so we can get into the actual game.
@toplesstopics @rysiek Yeah, Mastodon has plenty of rough edges. Hopefully the big influx lately will also bring some more development mojo.
@toplesstopics @rysiek

In the mid-aughts the TTRPG group I was in switched for a while from Castle Falkenstein (a rules-light system) to Hero System for superheroes. The Hero System book was a good 2-2.5โ€ thick.

When I was 12 Iโ€™d have happily devoured those rules. In my mid-30s it just gave me a headache. Fortunately our group included an รผber-gamer who learned everything backwards an forwards. Two of us just told the guy our character concepts and he plugged everything in.
I say this is why I prefer video games that do the thinking for you ๐Ÿ˜œ I love the freedom of role playing in ttrpgs, but it's so hard for me to internalize the rules, and I feel bad always asking for help. it's like doing taxes.
@toplesstopics @rysiek

You might enjoy one or the rules-light systems. For many people, TTRPG is synonymous with D&D which is really rules-heavy. I'm not a fan.

I was skeptical when I encountered my first rules-light system. It seemed like there wasn't enough to hang my hat on. What I found was we got to focus on roleplaying instead minutia.

The moment I became a true convert was when I realized we'd been playing for 3 hours with nobody cracking a book.
i wasn't literally talking about ttrpgs, just using it as a metaphor, lol. I know about all sorts of ttrpg systems, and I actually like D&d (pathfinder and 5e). I just don't have time or energy for them anymore, especially if my husband also wants to join, because then we need a babysitter and those are expensive and hard to find. luckily my kids are four and six now, ALMOST old enough to actually start playing ttrpgs with us.
@toplesstopics @rysiek I just canโ€™t pass up a chance to rant about rules-light systems. ๐Ÿ˜€
@DanielEsq so any time I see anyone comparing fedi to such VC-funded walled gardens, I am facing my palm hard. Especially if the take-away is some version of: "Mastodon failed to grow."

Fediverse didn't "fail to grow". It is simply a completely different type of a social network, one were growth for the sake of growth is not a core value at all.

And recognizing fedi, and that very model, as viable in the mainstream, is a watershed moment for public debate.


@jims @tchambers @gwensnyder

Radio Free Fedi is an online radio station playing music, spoken word and other audio content made by people on the Fediverse. You can listen at:


It's all Fedi all the time :fediverse:

To submit content or to follow the project, see the official account at:

โžก๏ธ @radiofreefedi

Take a look people, this is proper grassroots loveliness! โค๏ธ

#Fediverse #Radio #InternetRadio
Great! Is there a history of played songs? I remember only refrain of one of the song, something like"Alle Kinder starten Feuer" but I didn't catch the name of the band and song โ˜น๏ธ
Thank you so much for sharing this! Listening to the stream right now and loving it. Will promote for sure!

Content warning: NSFW:Nudity

In response to a troll, I shared the latest energy mix numbers. And folks - I didn't realize we were this far already!

Anybody who still says crap like "you mean your coal-powered car?" is just woefully misinformed.

I mean, I knew that, but I didn't realize it was quite this extreme.
Yeah, where I live if you want to do that kind of sophistry the worst you can say is carbon-free Nuclear powered car.
you can drill down by grid operator somehow on that site. I recall last time I looked that most of the coal was PJM and Iโ€™m in MISO territory.

Take care and have a good time :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

I finished some 22 minutes of the last part of TROM II. This was a lot faster than I imagine but I worked a lot too. I feel a bit tired ๐Ÿ˜. And I am a bit stuck at the moment ๐Ÿ˜.

So maybe I'll take it easier for a few days. Th next 5 or so minutes I should finish in less than a week.

In a way I thought "what if I finish it this month" haha. But then I should not put so much pressure on me. I want to make it very good.

In any case, it is February now and I've already finished 22 minutes out of perhaps 1h, 1h and a bit, of this last part. I think 2 months is more than enough for me to finish it. So, before April. Then in April to do the final edits for the entire thing. And in May to manage to create a trailer and get it ready for the release.

It is looking very promising. ;)
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You're doing great! No need to hurry ๐Ÿ˜€

Aller ou boulot pour faire tu travail ร  la chรชne ?
Et buis quoi encore.


We would like your feedback about issues you get with the remember position in timelines and the fetch more feature.
Please, if you are concerned try to describe as much as possible when it occurs. Thank you.

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Probably more a feature request than an issue report: I'd like to have my timelines and my position in each timeline synchronized between different devices of mine (e.g. between my tablet and my phone). That doesn't seem to be possible currently.
Not sure if it still is related to the issues mentioned.

When I switched on my phone this morning at the top of the TL was the toot I saw there last night. What me surprised, it still was marked as posted only 2 hours ago. Just scrolled a bit up and down in the TL and this changed to 10 hours.

When I further scrolled up I encountered the answer - 2h ago - of someone I follow to a toot - 3h ago - of someone else I follow, both public. But I never saw the original toot in my TL. There actually is a big gap in the TL. After the last toot from last night there are one of two dating back about 7 hours - around 6 am in Europe - and what follows was posted at most 2 hours ago. Now I wonder if nobody has posted between 6 am and 11 am, what I doubt.

Short explanation, I'm seven hours behind Central Europe and using 3.16.4 on Android 12 with all the new features introduced yesterday switched on.
Maybe related to a battery saver so the app didn't succeed to collect messages when device was in idle mode.
Will switch battery saving off and have a look. But as I mentioned, phone was off and thirst thing I did after switching it on, checking TL in #Fedilab.

Anyhow, I thought the new features "Home Cache" and "Fetching missing messages" would prevent messages from disappearing.
Btw, I also did not get notifications about answers on my toots that came in during the mentioned period. But I just saw them in the notification timeline.
The five hours been 6am and 11am when supposedly nobody I follow posted.
Check with the Web app if you see missing messages.
Well in the timeline at the web interface there I can see loads of toots between 6 am and 11 am.

But I also had problems updating the timeline in a Mastodon web interface I had open in Rambox. Only a restart of Rambox updated the TL. But now I see all toots I could not see in the app too. Thus I killed #Fedilab and started it again. The toots between 6 am and 11 am are still missing.
Clearing the cache from the app (main menu) might help.

I just noticed that my Rainbow Dash Cookie picture became the header of yesterday's Rainbow Dash Day 2023 Open Art section. I honestly didn't expect that to happen, but yay :flutteryay:


When I was little my grandmother tried to teach me a #Yiddish folk song, except obviously I couldn't understand the lyrics and she wasn't a very good singer so I don't really know the tune, so all I've got is "something...maidale...something...dansen...something something something". That's probably not enough to go on but if anyone has any ideas about where I might find the rest, I'd really appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜… #mazeldon

Content warning: Admin stuff, fediblock

Shameful to see the College Board cave to the demands of DeSantis and white supremacists, especially as we kick off Black History Month. Just shameful.